The Last Supper

The most famous fresco in Milan: the last supper

The Last Supper is one of the most famous fresco - Surely the most famous in Milan.
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Last Supper ( reproduction by Sergio Bonometti)
Among religious subjects, The Last Supper has been a favorite inspiration for many works of art, and numerous are the great masters who addressed this theme in some of their best known masterpieces. As far back as in the times of the early Christians, there were pictorial representations of the meal that could be found in the catacombs of Rome. These representations gave an idea of the atmosphere that existed in an ancient dining hall. A later representation is to be found in a bas-relief in the church at Monza in Italy that dates from the sixth century. There is also a pictorial representation in a Syrian codex in the Laurentian Library at Florence, as well as a mosaic representation of The Last Supper in the church of S. Apollinare Nuovo at Ravenna, Italy. Among the masters of the modern school of German artists, The Last Supper of Gebhardt is regarded as a masterpiece.

Below : A detail of the Last Supper From Leonardo Da Vinci In Milan -
Last Supper detail
Of course, by far the most famous Last Supper interpretation belongs to Leonardo da Vinci. Other outstanding masterpieces were executed by Tintoretto, Veronese and Ghirlandaio. However, Da Vinci's Last Supper has become one of the most widely appreciated masterpieces in the world. It began to acquire its unique reputation immediately after it was finished in 1498, and its prestige has continued to grow. Despite the many changes that have taken place over the centuries in tastes, artistic styles, as well as the physical deterioration of the painting itself, the painting's status as an extraordinary creation has never been questioned nor doubted.

The outstanding features of the Last Supper reflect not only the highly artistic merits of the painting, but also Leonardo's expressive mastery. Leonardo's Last Supper is an ideal pictorial representation of the most important event in the Christian doctrine of salvation - the institution of the Eucharist. His representation of this part of the Christian doctrine has achieved unanimous acceptance and authority. There are countless copies and reproductions of the Last Supper in homes, places of worship, and museums throughout the world. However, when thoughts turn to the Last Supper, it seems that only Leonardo's representation comes to mind.

The Last Supper has also been subject to much attention due to the number of restorations it has had to face since its completion in the fifteenth century. The most recent restoration lasted twenty years and has been the subject of much controversy. One of the most frequent pungent criticisms leveled at this influential painting is that it has been "repainted" rather than "restored". However, clearly restoration has continued to be an ongoing necessity for this masterpiece due to the unprecedented manner in which Leonardo painted it (details of the technique below). Although restoration may have altered Leonardo's painting to a degree, it has prolonged the life of this painting to allow the viewing by future generations.